Content + Care

Our cotton dhurries are lovingly made by hand, the way they have been for generations, and with proper care will last decades.

The easiest way to keep your dhurrie clean is with regular vacuuming (taking care to avoid the tassels) to prevent dirt from settling into the cotton. Flipping your dhurrie periodically will minimize uneven wear and tear and rotating from time to time will lessen fading.

If needed, your dhurrie may be washed by hand using only cold water with a color safe and fragrance-free, pH-neutral liquid detergent. Hang to dry, avoiding direct sunlight. For our larger dhurries or for hard to remove stains, we recommend professional cleaning.

Our dhurrie pillows and our antique sari pillows should be dry cleaned or carefully washed by hand using the same methods listed above. Keep in mind the sari pillows generally have stronger (though older) dyes and if washed by hand should always be kept separate. The mirrors and tassels have been sewn by hand and should be handled delicately.

Manufacturing Variations

West West's dhurries are individually hand woven using vegetable and mineral dyed-cotton, and as such, no two are alike. Some variations will occur, and should be a reminder of authenticity rather than viewed as a manufacturing defect. The measurements listed are approximate and your dhurrie may vary in size within 1-2 inches.

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